Current Exhibition

Rabbit Chudolinska

Paper Spring

Marta Chudolinska

November 30 - December 29, 2018

Opening Reception & print sale on Friday, November 30th from 7-9PM

Paper Spring exhibits decorative and narrative work that has paper as its base medium, art that springs forth from paper. This includes a series of "tree motif" papercuts, heavily inspired by the Wycinanki tradition in Polish Folk Art,  a selection of original pages from Babcia, an ongoing historical memoir in comic form which aims to rebuild my connection to my late grandmother, cut short by immigration and Alzheimer's, and Inheritance, a 3 dimensional papercut comic about preserving culture in times of conflict and immigration.

Part of the motivation for this work comes from the struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). November and December can be some of the toughest months of the year. Darkness dominates, creating space for all  the dark parts inside of us to grow to prominence and flourish. Depression, anxiety, self doubt, and anguish take a more powerful hold. There is something good about this process, the cyclical movement of season and light and psychological change. It can be useful to sit in the dark and look at our demons. But undeniably, it is difficult. This installation aims to provide a respite from this challenging process, to create a feeling of blooming spring in the gallery, in the middle of the darkest time, underground.

Marta Chudolinska is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Poland and currently based in Toronto.



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